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Digital Scanning * Secure, Encrypted Cloud-based Accounting Bookkeeping * Payroll *Corporate & Personal Tax Preparation


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*** Frequently Asked Questions ***

Why do I need this service?

      All governmental municipalities are out of money and are looking for any excuse to squeeze more money out of the businessman being audited. Internal Revenue and the Florida Dept of Revenue will not accept On-line Payments Confirmations, Credit or Debit Card Confirmations as proof of payment. These confirmations only show that money was transferred. It does not show what the payment was for, especially if you buy gas from 7-11, BJ’s Warehouse or Costco; or if you buy tools from K-Mart, Sears or Wal-Mart; or if you buy on-line from an obscure sounding vendor whose great deal is no longer when it is kicked out as a personal expense.

If I file on line, can my bank give to us a copy of the original receipt?

      Most banks no longer return the original checks back to the client. Your bank can’t reproduce a receipt to satisfy an auditor, because a lot of on-line businesses have unusual names. The bank can only show that money went in or went out of your account. We recommend that you scan your original receipt with your check, at the time that you are issuing the check. The receipt will show all items purchased; the cost; the sales tax paid and the name and address of the business to prove that this was a legitimate expense. It will also show the memo of the check and check number.

If my computer hard drive fries; what will happen to my files?     

      Your files can be automatically reinstalled on your new computer as soon as you request it. All files are constantly backed up and encrypted for security.

What happens if I scan the files in the wrong file?

      Your Virtual Filing Cabinet™ is customized in an alpha-numeric (ABCD-1234 etc.) method, making errors almost impossible. We also have a proprietary scanning technique that we teach you to reduce errors. Errors can be easily fixed by cutting and pasting into the correct file.

What about updates if technology changes?

      Your Virtual Filing Cabinet™ is constantly being updated and will correct most errors automatically. More importantly, as you scan your files, our financial scientists will alert you of you are doing anything wrong in real time, to constantly help you.

If I need to find a receipt and I don’t know the date; how can I find it?

      Go to Start on the bottom left of your screen. Type in the vendor name; all the invoices will show up on the left side of your screen. Double click on the approximate year; check the scan dates for the approximate month & just double click to look at the scanned PDF’s.  It is as easy as 1-2-3!

Can I put my customer’s invoices in Your Virtual Filing Cabinet™?

      We recommend this highly. You can even file estimates and quoted jobs for later reference. By filing the invoices by the month of sale, you will have complete accountability for sales tax information for the accountant. Yes your accountant can access certain files, if you wish it. Remember Your Virtual Filing Cabinet™ was designed by an accountant with a Masters Degree in Professional Accounting from the University of Miami and has over 30 years of business experience.

Can I put my past years tax records and monthly invoices in Your Virtual Filing Cabinet™?

      We recommend that you store your Income tax filings, Payroll Tax filings, Sales Tax filings and Property tax filings. They will be instantly available for use within 15 seconds or less!

Can I scan my leases?

      We suggest that all leases, contracts and other important documents be scanned for later reference. Most people have no idea where these important papers even are. Just try to get a copy of a lease you signed from someone who is suing you for a breach of contract!  This is why attorneys need us so badly.

What if I am on the road and I pay cash for an item?

      Use your Smartphone to take a picture of the item and text it with the attached picture to your email. Then download the picture to your desktop; Right-click and turn that picture into an Adobe PDF (Portable Digital File). It’s easy and totally paperless!

(305) 710-5793 * (954) 804-0950 * (561) 305-0203 * (407) 369-8366
(352) 450-8862 * (941) 405-8125 * (813) 352-7998 * (727) 944-6588

Our 800 Fax is (800) 699-6441; Now used for all 50 States!



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Our Service is Essential for all Restaurants, Mechanical & Repair Shops, Attorneys, Title Companies, Doctors, Dentists, Architects, Engineers, Human Resources Administrators, Realtors and Businessmen of all kinds, who may need to file and archive documents to be retrieved easily at a later date, for audit or any kind of use.  We even can help churches, synagogues and any non-profit organizations.

 ****************** News Flash ******************

Have you noticed today, that all the banks, big and small, will only return to you an obscure, tiny copy of your canceled checks. This causes lots of problems

1)  Your accountant can't read the checks for proper coding; This happens every single month to all accountants from Anchorage, Alaska to Key West, Florida.

2)  The IRS and the Florida Dept of Revenue will now only accept clear receipts for audits;  A recent client was audited and the preliminary assessment was in excess of $90,000.00.  Our team of scanning engineers and financial scientists took two weeks and reduced the liability to $3,401.52, mostly due to faded thermographic paper that was old and/or exposed to light; The State of Florida auditor was happy, but not as happy as our client from Charlotte County, on the west coast of Florida.

3)  Warranty contracts need registration receipts and/or sales documents; A Broward County client's television died within the secondary warranty period after the usual 1 year warranty expired.  All the previous documents had previously been scanned and archived.  The client found out he was covered and is now watching his favorite movies, courtesy of Mitsubishi Electronics and his archived warranty.

4) And we all know how picky an insurance claim can be when they need to pay out. A client in a Miami-Dade County, Florida had all his insurance papers and pictures of his property before the storm scanned and archived. The storm did indeed come and destroy. A simple e-mail saw his claim put into process immediately.

5)  We are your eyes & ears for your business.  We are objective, double checking on everyone in the business.  Recently we found a check, written for $75.00 in a client file for an attorney.  The client ask the attorney to hold the check for a few days and it landed in the client file ... for 21 months.  Ouch!


But don't panic yet! 

Your Virtual Filing Cabinetis the most innovative tool for your business organization since the availability of the personal computer.  

Imagine the immense relief of stress you can give to yourself by being able to find any file ....           

                      in 15 seconds or less! 

Use our moderately priced, weekly or monthly service or opt for our most popular Cloud-based format and just do it yourself. Either way you will be satisfied completely.

We guarantee it!

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Our 800 Fax i
s (800) 699-6441; Now used for all 50 States!

(305) 710-5793 * (954) 804-0950 * (561) 305-0203 * (407) 369-8366
(352) 450-8862 * (941) 405-8125 * (813) 352-7998 * (727) 944-6588

**************** Another News Alert! **************** 

It is a sure sign of these tumultuous, economic times. Fraud is lurking around every corner. One of newest clients has had instant benefits due to our services.  

While scanning this particular companies' monthly bills from vendors, Luz and Doc discovered four (4) invoices that were paid twice ... for a loss of funds totaling $1,701.48. It seemed that one of our client's long-time vendors has a habit of sending duplicate invoices, along with other invoices. The pay clerk did not realize it. It seems the pay clerk had multiple duties and is currently overwhelmed with work that needs to be done. Checking invoices was not a priority.  Good thing the staff at ezandpaperless.com does! 

Our client asked us to go back and scan and file all his invoices since day one of existence.
  We are sure that we will find more discrepancies.  Thanks to Brian, Doc, Luz Marina and the staff, there is a double check in place.  These professionals treat your business, like they treat their own business.

(305) 710-5793 * (954) 804-0950 * (561) 305-0203 * (407) 369-8366
(352) 450-8862 * (941) 405-8125 * (813) 352-7998 * (727) 944-6588

Our 800 Fax is (800) 699-6441; Now used for all 50 States!

Your Virtual Filing Cabinet™  is now available to you all in the Tampa Bay & Orlando Metropolitan Service Areas.


Doc will personally travel to see those of you in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Ocala, Tampa/St. Pete, Orlando and Daytona Beach. All you have to do is call!